12 Questions to Ask a Roofer

When looking for roofing companies in San Antonio, too many people aren’t selective enough. They’ll simply choose the first contractor they come across and call it today. 

But we guarantee that this is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Your roof is a serious investment, meaning only the most qualified professionals should work on it.

Not sure how to find the right roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX? Check out this guide for 12 questions you should ask during your next consultation!

12 Questions to Ask a Roofer San Antonio

1. Where Is Your Business Located? 

Knowing the company’s location won’t just ensure they service your area — it will also prevent you from falling victim to a scam

2. Do You Have Insurance? 

The company you choose should have workers’ compensation insurance, relieving you from liability if a contractor gets hurt on the job. They should also have insurance that covers accidental damages. 

3. Are You Licensed? 

The contractor should have the appropriate licenses and permits for the work they’re doing. 

4. Do You Have References? 

Take it as a red flag if the company has many negative reviews or a suspiciously low number of total reviews. 

5. Do You Give Free Quotes?

The remodeling industry can be expensive, especially when you want to give your entire roof a makeover. A free quote will help you determine if the contractor’s services fit into your budget. 

6. Do You Have a Warranty? 

Reliable roofing in San Antonio, TX should be able to back up their services with a warranty. See for how long the company will guarantee their work and materials. 

7. How Do You Handle Waste? 

Consider it a red flag if the contractor you’re interested in expects you to handle the waste. Ideally, they should take it offsite rather than bringing a dumpster to your home, as the unit can ruin your driveway or lawn. 

8. Do You Deliver Materials Before Starting the Project? 

Delivering the materials beforehand can save time. But, you should make sure that the delivery doesn’t inconvenience you. 

9. Does Someone Need to Be Home During the Project? 

A contractor might ask someone to be home during the project to offer better service. But it can be more convenient if they can complete the project while you’re at work. 

10. How Long Will the Project Take? 

Roof repair in San Antonio shouldn’t take longer than a few hours. If it’s an installation or replacement, two days is the average turnaround time. 

11. How Will You Treat My Property? 

During the project, roofing companies in San Antonio should respect your property. Ensure contractors will work carefully, take care of waste materials, etc. 

12. Do You Have a Maintenance Plan? 

Roofing in San Antonio, TX isn’t just about repairs. A maintenance plan will go a long way in protecting your investment. 

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Keep This List Handy for Your Next Roofing Project

To some people, all of these questions might seem excessive. But trust us when we say they’ll help you find the right roofing contractor in San Antonio! So, ensure you keep this list handy for your next consultation.