If we find damage to your property, your  Bison Roofing representative will present detailed photos of the damage. Photo documentation of all the damages will be taken as proof to provide to your insurance company to justify your claim.

We will need to call your insurance company and file a claim. Many times, your Bison Roofing representative can sit down and do this with you. At this time you will be assigned a claim number, this will be used to track your claim throughout the claims process.

It is very important that we are able to meet your insurance adjuster at your property to represent your best interest during the insurance meeting. Our goal is to guarantee that your roof and repairs are approved for replacement on the date of the inspection. If we cannot meet with your adjuster, it is possible that certain items that should be replaced may be overlooked, or only partial repair of your roof may be approved. To avoid such circumstances, your Bison Roofing representative will need to know the date and time the adjuster is scheduled to be at your house.

Your Bison Roofing representative will arrive early to the insurance adjustment to be fully prepared. During the meeting, your Bison Roofing representative will show the adjuster all the damages discovered in our original inspection. The adjuster will confirm the damages and prepare a written summary report going over all the property damage and the amount they are currently estimating the losses to be. This summary report may be completed on-site or mailed to you.

Once you receive the summary report contact your Bison Roofing representative to sit down and go over all the details and line items. During this time, we will also go over all the project specifications, products, and colors being using to restore your home. Your Bison Roofing representative will schedule the work to be done.


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