Beware of Storm Chasers After Big Storms in San Antonio, TX

The last thing you should worry about after a storm is dealing with a storm chaser. These opportunists want to take advantage of your misfortune to make a quick buck.

Check out our guide to avoiding storm chasers and hiring a reliable contractor for roof repair in San Antonio.

After Big Storms in San Antonio, TX

Look at the Damage First

As soon as the storm is over, and it is safe to go outside, assess the damage done to your property. If your roof is still wet, do not climb it as it is dangerous. Instead, we encourage looking from second-story windows or the ground for your safety. 

It is essential to check your property yourself first. Do not wait for a stranger to tell you that you need their help and services. Before calling a company for repairs on roofing San Antonio, TX, pay attention to details such as:

  • Dents and ding marks on downspouts and gutters
  • Torn screens
  • Damage or loss of shingles
  • Dented vehicles that indicate likely roof damage

If the storm has destroyed the roof and made the residence uninhabitable, know that the city of San Antonio also provides resources for disaster assistance, including emergency housing.

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Be Wary of Who You Trust

It is paramount that you get a professional assessment for roofing San Antonio from an experienced and trusted contractor. Avoid working with storm chasers. 

These people arrive quickly after the storm, do minimal repairs to properties, and leave as fast as they arrive. They likely ignore other issues that need attention and rapidly replace your damaged roof with cheap materials that will not last long. Storm chasers typically leave quickly so that if you have any issues with your low-quality roof, they can escape having to fix it.

Besides low-quality work, storm chasers tend to come from out-of-state, so they don’t know the area as well. In San Antonio, the housing stock of some neighborhoods features predominantly older homes with less insulation. Storm chasers may not know the area well enough to know what changes are necessary, whereas roofing companies in San Antonio will know the area and the best methods to repair your residence.

When choosing a contractor, keep an eye out and:

  • Avoid door-to-door salespeople. They tend to go around neighborhoods and try to scam people through fabricated damage and free inspections.
  • Research who you contact. Always look into their credentials, such as license and insurance. Local services with established offices are more trustworthy for hiring a roofing contractor in San Antonio. 
  • Combat high-pressure, pushy salespeople. If the person you are talking to is in a rush to get you signed up with them, they may be an eager scammer looking to get a quick job and leave. Many offer incredibly cheap services and increase costs after the job has begun.
  • Contact your insurance adjuster before signing with any roofing company.

Bottom Line

For storm recovery that is as painless as possible, avoid storm chasers and take time to research a reputable roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX. Your safety is the number one priority. Search for locally established and reliable companies and contact your insurance provider before making any agreements on paper. It never hurts to prepare for safety after a storm.