Can You Replace a Roof in The Winter?

Most roofs in San Antonio, Texas, feature asphalt shingles. If you don’t get an experienced and reliable roofing contractor to install one properly, you might be looking at a roof replacement much sooner than you thought. Or perhaps your roof is too old, and you are looking for a new one.

Whatever the case, proper timing is crucial. The cold temperatures can make winter roofing quite challenging. And that is why many people keep asking about the possibility of installing a roof or replacing the old one during this season.

In this guide, we will answer the questions and share tips that should help you get the roof installed safely. Keep reading.

Best Temperatures Of Roof Replacement

There are some parts of the world where you can install a new roof at any time. There are scorching suns or freezing temperatures and other harsh winter conditions to scare roofers away. In the US, however, we have to consider the weather conditions during summer, spring, and winter.

So, before you install a new roof, it’s crucial to look at the right temperature conditions. For asphalt shingles, it’s much safe to install them at between 50- and 85-degree Fahrenheit. The idea is to protect the materials from cracks since low temperatures can promote breakage even for the highest quality materials.

Can You Replace A Roof In The Winter?

The most straightforward answer to this question is yes. You can replace the roof on your property at any time. Even though winter roof replacements are more challenging than any other time, sometimes you have no option.

Depending on the roofing crew you choose and their roofing materials, you can get a good deal during the cold weather. But we can never emphasize enough the importance of hiring experienced roofing professionals for a task.

As stated above, the best time for a roof replacement project could be during summer. However, the winter season is the best time to get an excellent deal.

Is It Good To Install A Roof During Winter?

Many homeowners don’t understand how roof installation projects work. So, they will reach out to different roofing companies during winter months when the roofs on their homes can no longer serve them well.

The truth is, nothing is amusing about handling a roofing problem on slippery or damaged surfaces. This is exactly what happens when the weather conditions change to ice dams on the streets and wet roofs. So, it might not offer the best temperature for a new roof.

The Problems Of Installing A Roof In The Winter

Remember, we are talking about asphalt shingles, among the most preferred materials for many roofing contractors. Working with this material during the harsh winter presents several challenges. These include:

  • The shingles become brittle. During winter, the shingles might become brittle, making the installation process much harder. If the roofing company does not have an experienced crew, you might have to deal with too many breakages.

  • Hard sticking. When temperatures fall below 40 degrees, some shingles may not stick properly. This happens during the winter months. A hand seal strip will bond effectively during summer and spring, but in winter, you need to hand on it until the temperatures rise.

  • Winter storms. Most roofing companies will not take a roofing project when the weather forecast stations start talking about winter problems. One of them is winter storms, which can lead to scheduling delays and other issues.

  • Ice dams and excess snow. Snow during winter causes ice dams at the roof edges. This can lead to moisture sneaking into your house and damaging the integrity of the roof.

  • Scheduling delays. You will realize installing a roof during winter takes longer than normal. This is because of the extreme weather, damaged surfaces, and similar issues.

You might not escape these problems if you choose other materials besides asphalt. Generally, the cold season is not the most favorable condition. Fiberglass, for instance, is extremely susceptible to fracturing, as do shakes.

How To Install A Roof In Winter?

Despite the inherent risks above, winter is an acceptable time to get a new roof. For this, you will need to hire professional roofers who understand the weather in this region and can deliver a reliable job.

If installed properly, a winter roof will perform just as effectively as any other season. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Hire experienced roofing experts

A roofing team’s experience will determine whether you get a good roof during bad weather conditions or not. You need to carefully vet the roofing company you choose, ensuring they have the right tools, skills, and teams to get the job done. Otherwise, additional complications like possible injuries apart from the ones mentioned earlier might be too costly.

Proper sealing with hand sealing

Adhesives are crucial in keeping the entire roof system together. However, they don’t stick well in cold temperatures. It’s even harder when the rain starts while the team is still up there. To resolve this issue, a professional roofer will hand-seal using a special adhesive or asphalt roofing cement.


Consider replacing the roof when winter is still warm, and there is no snow. During this time, the temperatures are still under normal conditions, making it easier to manage the materials.

Keep the roof materials warm

The biggest problem with winter roofing is the low temperatures that make the material brittle and easy to break. So, you need to ensure the shingles are warm before installing them. You can do this by storing it in a heated location, like a garage, before taking it to the homeowner.

Winter Maintenance

You may not have to take a nail gun and replace the entire roof during winter, but roof maintenance during this season is of extreme importance. However, you must be very careful walking over cold shingles as they can easily break. Check that the surface you are stepping on is even and the shingles are held firmly in place before stepping on them.

We advise calling expert roofers for any maintenance job. Even if they don’t recommend roof replacement, they might share a few tips that will keep you going till ideal temperatures.

Call us today for professional winter roof installation services. We have a team and high-end equipment ready to serve you.