Flat Roofing San Antonio, TX

Flat Roofing San Antonio, TX

Bison Roofing and Construction Co. has served the San Antonio, TX, service area for over 15 years. We specialize in providing high-quality flat roof installation. Flat roofs are cost-effective level covers usually found in warmer parts of the country.

Our professional roofing contractors have experience in everything from missing shingles to commercial roofing to roof replacement. We will help you make an informed decision about any services you may need.

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What Are the Benefits of Installing a Flat Roof?

Take Up Less Space

They typically take up less space and use less material than asphalt shingles on sloped roofs. This is why they are often used in commercial roofing building projects.


They can also be more energy-efficient. This is because they are usually very well insulated due to the layers of different materials placed on top of each other. This is called a membrane system. It helps to hold in heat in winter and makes your home cool in the summer.


In San Antonio, flat roofs are known for their versatility because they can be utilized as extra spaces. For example, they can become gardens or decking for outdoor dining.

Easy Care

They are easy to clean and maintain. For example, you can quickly get to the gutters to check they are working.

However, we still recommend calling in a professional to help. This is why we offer a free estimate. We assist with the whole process – from maintenance and repair to replacement.

What Are the Types of Flat Roofs?

There are five primary flat roofing materials in San Antonio, TX.



Metal is one of the longest-lasting materials used in San Antonio roofing. It is more expensive than an asphalt shingle option, but it is known for its durability and lifespan. As a roofing contractor, we recommend installing metal roofs as an investment.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen roofing is an asphalt-based roofing material specially designed for flat roof usage. As a professional roofing company in San Antonio, TX, we recommend modified bitumen as an option because it’s very UV, heat, tear, and leak-resistant.

Commercial Roofing


EPDM roofing, also known as EPDM membrane roofing, is a kind of rubber roofing. It’s made of synthetic rubber and is one of the popular roofing types because it’s known to be heat and weather-resistant.

As a San Antonio company, we recommend EPDM when your flat roof is repaired since it’s so strong.


In San Antonio, TX, built-up (also known as BUR) is likely to be the most widely used material. It makes one long, sealed surface and reduces the likelihood of leakages.

So for both a home or business, you might opt for this material because of its durability. It’s made of many layers: ply sheets strengthened with fiberglass, bitumen, and a third covering material such as gravel for more protection.

Single Ply

Single-ply roofing is a wide synthetic polymer sheeting used for flat roofs in particular. It’s easy to install as it doesn’t require hot installation but can be re-molded. Because of this, a single-ply roof is used widely on industrial buildings.

What Is the Best Covering for a Flat Roof?

This depends on what you want. Are you looking for the most cost-effective option, the most durable, or the highest-quality materials?

Modified Bitumen is considered the most economical option, and it’s known for being particularly heavy-duty, which makes it a fantastic all-rounder. On the other hand, metal coverings last the longest, though in some cases, EPDM membranes have also been known to last up to 50 years.

Can You Have a Flat Roof in Texas?

Yes, you can have a flat roof in San Antonio, TX – on both a commercial building and a residential home. The most important factor when choosing roofing types is getting professional advice. This is why our team at Bison Roofing is always on hand to help.

Weather Concerns

The weather is another factor to consider for San Antonio, TX, flat roofing installation. This is because if there is a hail storm or heavy rainfall, this can affect the top of your house. So make sure to work with a professional team to install strong and durable flat roofing.

However, if there is a storm, a good roofing company like Bison Roofing will quickly repair any damages for you. Our company always builds flat roofs with a slight slope so that rain can run away.

What Is the Average Cost to Replace a Flat Roof?

A roof replacement price in San Antonio, TX, will vary based on the business you choose, past insurance claims, the quality of previous repair work, and whether the roof was properly installed from the beginning.

At Bison Roofing, we offer competitive pricing for both residential and commercial roofing so that if you need to get a roof replaced or want to install a new roof, you get a fair price for our quality roofing services. We will find a way to fit your home project budget.

When Do You Need a Replacement?

In San Antonio, TX, you may need a roof replacement after 10 to 15 years, although metal roofing has been known to last up to 50 years.

How long it lasts also depends on how professional your last roofer was, maintenance frequency, quality of materials, and the weather. 

If you’re not sure if your roof needs a replacement, get in touch. We’re the business that makes everything easy!

What Is the Cheapest Flat Roof System?

In San Antonio, TX, roofing prices depend on the chosen roofing material. So whether your flat roofing needs a roof replacement or repair, the cheapest system will be durable but affordable.

This is often EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer, rubber roofing. But as a residential and commercial roofing contractor, we look at all the factors and possible materials to provide you with the best service possible.

How Often Is Flat Roof Repair Necessary?

Roofing companies in San Antonio suggest regularly scheduling maintenance. These minor roof repairs will protect your home from any more severe damage that requires expensive roof replacement or installation.

As a residential and commercial roofing contractor, we suggest booking a roof repair at least twice a year: once before the winter months and in the spring. 

At Bison Roofing in San Antonio, TX, we make it easy to repair and maintain a flat roof and schedule appointments. Our company is dedicated to making your life easier, so we will work around your busy schedule to organize flat roof repair.


Where Will You See Flat Roofs?

Typically, they have always been a commercial building feature, but they are now also used in the construction of non-commercial properties too. This is because they can be installed directly and quickly. They often have a longer lifespan because they are made of durable materials like metal, and they’re easier to maintain.

Our residential and commercial roofing company recommends flat roofs for residential and commercial buildings.


As professional roofing contractors, we will always try to answer any questions you have. Check out our FAQs below.

No. Flat roof repair in San Antonio, TX, does not require more maintenance. But regular roof maintenance can help to reduce the number of repairs that will be needed later. At Bison, we offer a free estimate if you want us to look over your home.

In San Antonio, ponding is when rainwater collects in a pool or puddle on a flat roof and usually indicates that it has been installed incorrectly. Ponding can lead to water damage and suggests a need for repair or a new roof.

Water runs off a flat roof in San Antonio, TX, because when flat roofs are correctly built, they are made with a slight incline. This means that they can be very low maintenance. But, if you do get a roof leak, our passionate team of professionals is here to help.

In San Antonio, when flat roof repair becomes necessary depends on the material used and the weather. However, as touched upon above, a metal roof will likely last longer than other materials because it is incredibly durable.

A good roof repair company like Bison Roofing can run you through the specific benefits of the different flat roof materials.

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