How to Deal with Roof Wind Damage in San Antonio, Texas

March and April are the windiest months for San Antonio, Texas residents. Homeowners should make sure their roofing in San Antonio is up to par. You need your roof to be in top condition because the various kinds of wind damage could leave extreme effects on your home. Learn how to deal with wind damage and gain knowledge from local roofing companies in San Antonio.

Types of Wind Damage

Homeowners need to monitor their roofing in San Antonio, Texas. Over time, roofs deteriorate as they get older and more so as they try to withstand windstorms. Here are various kinds of damage that wind can create on your home:

Missing Shingles

Some windstorms are so powerful; they can rip the shingles off your roof. Missing shingles leave you very susceptible to heat and cooling issues in your home. And most importantly, it could leave incurable damage from severe weather.

Loose Shingles with Leaks

Shingles on the sides of your roof are most susceptible to suffering damages during a windstorm. Loose shingles can cause leaks and costly water damage to the inside of your home.

Warping with Age

Windstorms can speed up the aging process of your shingles, as they have to put in extra strength to work. Look out for signs of aging in your shingles. For example, If you notice any curling or warping in your shingles, it may be time to replace them before another storm.


Windstorms can also cause major debris to fall into your yard or collide with your roof. This could weaken or loosen patches of shingles that need repairs immediately. 

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What Could Happen to Your Home from Roof Wind Damage?

When it comes to roofing in San Antonio, TX, wind damage is a very serious issue. Minor roofing damages can lead to more significant problems very quickly. Neglecting these issues can cause leaks, which may cause water damage to your walls, furniture, wood floors, or carpet. 

And even worse, water build-up can lead to strange smells and growing mold. If you don’t get damages fixed immediately, the repairs become costlier and harder to reverse. Therefore, it is imperative to seek professional help as soon as possible.

Best Options for Roof Repair San Antonio

If you have noticed any wind damage or your home has recently been involved in a storm, you should check in with your roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX. After you assess your own home for damages, a roofing contractor in San Antonio can inspect the property and offer a professional opinion on what needs fixing. Look into questions to ask a roofing contractor so you know they are qualified.

A legitimate roofing contractor will have licensing and help you navigate the repair process. They will take photos, takes notes of the wind damage, and create a detailed inventory of repairs and costs. You should also look into local referrals when evaluating the best contractors for roof repair in San Antonio.

Protect Your Home with a Roofing Contractor in San Antonio

You want your home to be ready for any event. Wind damage can result in your house becoming exposed to costly water damage. Your roofing in San Antonio needs to stay up-to-date so that it can resist any troubling, windy day. 

For a leading roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX, call today and rest easy at night, knowing your family is safe and protected.