The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tile Roofing

A tile roof is one of the most environmentally friendly systems on the market today. It’s no wonder most homeowners in San Antonio choose tile roofs over other roofing options like asphalt singles.

Tile roofing comes in many different shapes and styles options. You can decide to install concrete tiles or simply go for the classic clay tiles. Whatever your choice, the end results will always be the same.

However, roofing tiles are not 100% perfect. Like any other roofing material, they come with several disadvantages too. For instance, you may have to replace a large area when one side of your clay tile roof system breaks.

 In other words, tiles roods have advantages and disadvantages. Experts at Bison Roofing share these pros and cons in detail, as we shall discuss here. Keep reading:

Advantages of Tile Roofing

We will start by looking at tile roofing pros. What makes tile roofs a better choice than asphalt roofs or other options? Here are the top reasons:

Tiles come in a wide variety

There are so many different types of clay and concrete tile roofs. Walk along the streets of San Antonio, and you will meet a different concrete tile roof at every corner.

It’s this variety than makes tiled roofs extremely popular. The most common types include:

Spanish tiles

These tiles roofs resemble rows of lapping waves featuring troughs between them. They come primarily as concrete roof tiles and are found in areas that experience infrequent but heavy downpours. These roofing materials also come in terra cotta and clay options.

Scandia roofing tiles

A scandia clay or concrete tile looks almost like inverted Spanish tiles. They appear like sharp vertical ridges.

Double Roman tiles

A double Roman tiled roof system also resembles Spanish tiles. However, the rows have different ribs that you can see clearly from a distance. They also have more frequent water troughs.

Flat shake tile

These extremely durable tiled roof slate tiles are usually made from concrete. They are fabricated to look like the texture of a coarse asphalt shingle roof. They have a relatively flat surface and are ideal for areas with light rains.

Pantile roof

A clay tile is formed to look like a flatted S, creating a ripple appearance. These tiled roofs are durable and recommended for extreme weather conditions.

A great curb appeal

Another advantage of using tile roofing materials is the incredible curb appeal they bring to your house. Most roofing tiles come in different colors and varying styles, making it easy to choose something that appeals more to your personal taste.

Tiled slate roofs provide an eye-catching Mediterranean aesthetic in different colors and appearances. Tiles can be designed in slate, ceramic, clay, and concrete, among other materials.

Highest fire rating

Choose a tile roofing system if you are looking for a roofing material that will resist fire effectively. For instance, if you have a slate roof on your house, it means you don’t have to worry about reroofing if a fire catches your house. Although, this depends on other materials, like the foundation of your tiles.


Tiles are made from earth minerals. They are eco-friendly. Also, experts have discovered that tile roofs clean the environment as they are pest resistant too.

Low maintenance

If a professional roofing contractor like Bison Roofing installs a tile roof structure, you are looking at more than 50 years of service. Tiles don’t require much maintenance, making them suitable for many homeowners.

Extremely durable

A tinted concrete or any other tile system will last for a lifetime. They are incredibly durable and will withstand high winds, heavy thermal mass, sun’s heat, and fires. They are also pest resistant. At the same time, they require very minimal maintenance.

Energy efficient

Many homeowners choose tile roofs because they are efficient for those who want energy costs. Their structure reflects the sun’s heat when it’s too hot and absorbs just enough to optimize your indoor temperature appropriately.

There are many other benefits of tile roofs. But the ones we have mentioned above are the main ones.

Disadvantages of Tile Roofing

Even though tile roofs have many advantages, they are not without cons. Here are some of them.

Extremely expensive

Tile roofs are durable and quite attractive. However, they are extremely expensive. Depending on the specific type, some of them are out of reach for many homeowners. It’s because of the technical skills required to install them, especially on sharp slopes per square foot. For instance, terra cotta requires additional structural reinforcement to make it work.

Tiles are heavier than other materials

Even though they require little maintenance, installing tiles is quite challenging. Clay and concrete tiles are the heaviest roofing materials on the market and yet are installed on relatively sharp slopes. This increase the technical aspect of installing them.

Tiles are vulnerable to breakage

Falling tree branches can easily bring down the whole roof if the structure is not strong enough. Also, fired clay tiles break easily when heavy objects fall on them. That would mean they require extreme care, despite their expensive and heavy nature. Tiles are extremely brittle, which makes them easily breakable.

They get dirty easily

Algae growth is one of the most common issues with tile roofs. According to the tile roofing institute in San Antonio, algae can create dark streaking that makes them look dirty. Luckily, they are easy to wash and treat. 

 Difficult to install

Yes, tiles can withstand hail, are durable, and increase your home’s curb appeal. However, it takes a lot to get these benefits from them. Installing tiles is very difficult. It requires a highly experienced professional, which could also increase the installation cost. Luckily, you get back through the many years of low maintenance.  

Hard to repair

Tiles require repairs from time to time. However, just like installation, they’re not easy to handle. Even the simplest repairs that you would do on other roofs will require some knowledge.

Bottom Line

Tiles are one of the best roofing materials on the market today. They come in different colors, appearances, and material options. Homeowners can choose tiles made from clay, concrete, or wood shakes and pick a specific pattern that fits their roof.

On the other hand, tiles are expensive, brittle, hard to install, and can get dirty pretty first. However, these are the cons you can live with when the tiles are properly installed.

If you want your tile roof to withstand the heavy weather and give you many years of service, hire professional roofers. This is where Biron Roofing comes in strong. You can call anytime and have your roof fixed in no time.