What it Takes to Be a Roofer

Are you in pursuit of a new and challenging career? Roofing in San Antonio is booming – there’s always a job to do and demand is always high for a good quality roofer. 

However, being a roofer isn’t easy – it’s a highly-skilled job that requires training and certain qualifications for a lifelong career.

So what does it take to be a good roofer, and how can you become a roofing contractor in San Antonio TX

Read on to find out.

Training and Experience


There’s no degree or formal education necessary to get involved in roofing in San Antonio, TX. Still, it’s important to undertake an apprenticeship or work experience to gain the necessary skills. It’s also important to remember how physical roof repair in San Antonio is – so be aware of the strength involved. 

The skills gained during this training include learning about: 

  • Knowledge of building and construction
  • Safety precautions for job-site work
  • Equipment and tools necessary for construction
  • Mathematical skills
  • Customer service experience

If you are well-rounded and can demonstrate these skills after completing your apprenticeship, it’s increasingly likely that you can be a roofing contractor for one of the roofing companies in San Antonio.

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Post-Apprenticeship Employment

Following your apprenticeship, you will need professional experience before clients will want to hire you. Share your experience on a resume and get hired by a local roofing company in San Antonio. Once you invest in several years of experience as part of a roofing team, you may then want to consider starting a roofing business in San Antonio and attracting your own client.

It’s also possible to complete online courses to gain extra certificates to increase your chance of being a successful roofing contractor in San Antonio. 

Soft Skills

There are other skills that can’t necessarily be learned but are to do with your personality and character. These skills reflect how personable you are and how easy it is to hire you as part of a roofing team or independent contractor. 


In terms of personality, it’s important to be open and friendly if you hope to undertake general roof repair in San Antonio. This is equally important if you plan to go down the road of being a roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX. Customers will expect accurate estimates and on-time construction, or else you’ll get bad reviews.  


You’re responsible for making homes and roofs safe and sound, which is why you have to be reliable. Your colleagues are counting on you to make sure roof repair in San Antonio is as safe and easy as possible. 


You must have a strong knowledge of roofing and your trade to be able to answer all the questions homeowners can ask you. It’s also important to pay great attention to detail to ensure the job is completed to the best of your ability. 

Physical Strength

In terms of physical strength and perseverance, it’s necessary to have a strong sense of balance to be able to hang from roofs and move easily in potentially dangerous situations. You might find yourself attached to harnesses or ropes on the roof, so it’s important to be confident in yourself and have a good center of balance. 

Roofs are fixed in all weather, so make sure you are prepared to battle the wind, rain and snow. 

Bottom Line

If you think you have what it takes and are ready to launch your career – why not start now? Consider applying to an apprenticeship and developing your professional experience. You can expect to not only develop physical strength but also interpersonal skills and to a dedication to this profession.