5 Things to Know When You Notice a Roof Leak

While a roof is meant to be a durable and long-lasting part of a home, all roofs will eventually show signs of age and damage. When your roof is aging, there will be notable signs such as leaking, leading to many other severe issues. 

If you notice that your roof has begun to leak, you must find a roofing San Antonio company to inspect for damages and advise you on any needed repair work. 

Here’s a quick guide discussing five things that might mean your roof is leaking. Of course, the quicker these issues are found, the easier they are to resolve!

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1. Indoor Water Drainage

One of the first things you might notice if your roof is leaking is water stains or signs of water drainage. Stains look like puddles on the ceiling and can often have a brown ring around them. 

You might find these stains on your walls, too, usually close to the ceiling. If you notice stains, contact a roof repair San Antonio company so that your ceiling and walls don’t undergo any more damage. 

2. Roof Rot 

If you look at the exterior of your home, you might notice signs that your roof is rotting. Perhaps you see your shingles chipping away. They might appear very dry, as if they are crumbling. This is typically a sign of roof rot caused by years of moisture build-up, and it’s a common problem often seen in older homes

Even if you don’t have shingles, you might still experience roof rot if your roof is made of similar materials such as wood shakes, clay tiles, or any synthetic material. 

3. Warped or Curled Shingles 

Your roof may not be rotting, but perhaps you’ve noticed your shingles are warping or curling up. This could be from years of water damage, but it could also be caused by heat. Your shingles might dry up in hot temperatures and begin to curl or warp, rendering them unable to protect your home from bad weather.

If you see that your shingles are warping, curling, or missing, you must find a reputable roofing San Antonio, TX company that can fix these problems before they worsen. 

4. Mold on the Walls 

If you see mold growing either on the indoor or exterior walls, this could indicate a leaky roof, especially if the mold appears where the roof and wall meet.

This is a large safety issue for you and your family. Contact your roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX, as soon as possible to avoid the harmful effects of mold exposure.

5. Dripping 

Possibly the most obvious sign that your roof is leaking is when you hear or see dripping. Sometimes, dripping occurs in the attic and won’t be as noticeable until the problem gets worse. 

It’s a good idea to check up in your attic every few months to ensure no water damage has occurred. Then, when it rains, listen carefully around the house for dripping sounds and locate them as quickly as possible when you hear them. 

Bottom Line

To help preserve the life of your roof, it’s best to call your roofing contractor in San Antonio for routine inspections. With professional help, the problems we’ve mentioned above can be fixed if they are taken care of promptly. 

Choosing from the roofing companies in San Antonio can be difficult, but the search is worth the effort. The right company will provide the quality service you can rely on and help you deal with curled shingles, water damage, and other issues!