Replacing Your Shingle Roof in San Antonio, TX: A Complete Guide

Shingles don’t last forever, so if your San Antonio home has shingle roofing, there will come a time when you’ll need to replace it. Roofing San Antonio, TX is a complex job, and it’s not advisable to attempt this without expert guidance. Therefore, you’ll want to have plenty of information before you start planning the process.

That’s where we can help. As a roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX, we’ve seen it all. Here, we share expert advice and insights on reshingling your roof so that you can prepare for the road ahead. We’ll look at the best materials to use, how long they last, and how to get help from the professionals.

When it’s time for shingle roof replacement, here’s what you need to know.

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How Often Do I Need to Replace My Shingle Roof?

The timeframe depends on what kind of shingles you have. Shingles are usually available with two different levels of durability. Some shingles last for 25 years, and some shingles last for 50 years. You should take note of what kind of shingles your roof has, so you can plan when to replace it.

While the 25-year shingles are slightly cheaper than the 50-year shingles, the price difference is not significant, and the more durable version lasts for twice as long. For this reason, 50-year shingles are the option we recommend. It saves you more time and money in the long run to use them, and you won’t have to worry about replacing them again 25 years down the line.

What Kind of Shingles Should I Use?

The most rudimentary option for shingling your home is the 3-tab shingle. This type of shingle belongs to the 25-year category when it comes to durability, as it is pretty lightweight. These shingles consist of a single layer of fiberglass and asphalt. This option is best for those with budget concerns.

The next level up would be dimensional shingles. These feature two layers of fiberglass, so they are twice as durable as their basic counterparts. They come with a price increase, but the quality of the product more than makes up for the cost. This option is ideal for most homeowners.

Those living in grand homes might prefer the look of luxury shingles. Not only are they incredibly durable, but they are more aesthetically pleasing than the alternatives, with different styles designed to resemble natural materials like slate. 

You can speak with a roofing contractor in San Antonio for more specific advice on shingles for your home.

What Material Is Best to Use for the Underlayment?

The underlayment is the layer that goes in between the roof and the shingles. The material for this layer is usually either felt paper or synthetic, both of which come in thick and thin varieties.

Felt paper is not a very durable material and is highly susceptible to tearing and water damage. For this reason, we cannot recommend it.

Synthetic underlayment is far more durable. It offers protection from the rain, and it doesn’t tear easily. It is more expensive than felt paper, but the quality speaks for itself.

Thick synthetic underlayment is the ideal choice to go beneath your shingles, as it offers the best protection. However, the more affordable thin variety is also a good choice.

Contacting Roofing Companies in San Antonio

When it comes to roof repair in San Antonio, you’re not going to want to attempt any projects yourself if you don’t have the training or experience. Reshingling roofs is a tough job better left to the professionals.  

Luckily for you, the experts are available to help. Contact us to learn more about how we can improve the roof of your San Antonio home.