Caring For Your Tile Roof

One of the main advantages of a tile roof over other options is durability. San Antonio homeowners prefer tile roofs because they are pest-resistant and withstand extreme weather conditions much better.

A concrete tile roof, for instance, promises different styles and durability combined with superior thermal properties. You never have to worry about too many ambient temperatures when you have quality roof tiles.

However, you will only get these features if your roof is properly installed. An existing tile roof can last for more than 100 years if the homeowner takes proper care of it. Otherwise, you will be dealing with broken tiles more often than normal.

Hence, proper maintenance is crucial. This guide will show you how to maintain your clay or concrete tiles to last the maximum period.

Here is what you should do:

tile roof

Regular Inspection

If you don’t want to be caught unawares by broken or missing tiles when the heavy rains begin, ensure you inspect your roof periodically.

Tile roofing can be extremely durable, as stated above. But that does not mean you just ignore it until things get worse. We recommend hiring a licensed roofing contractor like Bison Roofing to help you check your tiles.

Simple roofing repairs are easier to handle when the damage is still small. This will protect you from spending more, considering the delicate nature of a tiled roof.

How do you inspect your tile roof? Follow these steps:

Check for any broken tile

We know that the roof protects your house from natural elements. Broken tiles make it vulnerable. It may start leaking or lead to moss growth.

Check for debris piles

Proper roof cleaning is crucial to the maintenance of a tile roof. Debris can pile on the roof, inserting too much pressure that may affect your house’s structural integrity and lead to costly repairs.

Check for cracks

If you can’t notice any missing tiles, check for cracks on every tile. This may seem tedious, but it is worth the trouble.

Hire a professional

It’s sometimes hard for inexperienced individuals to differentiate between broken and specially cut tiles. And that is why we recommend hiring a professional roof inspector.

Never Use a Pressure Washer on Your Tiles

One of the best things about tiles is that they require very minimal maintenance. Annual cleaning is enough to keep them safe for many years.

However, avoid using too much pressure when you wash them. That means avoiding pressure washers, as they can damage your tiles.

The most recommended way to clean them is using a 6” towel and a wire brush to do simple hand washing manually.

Understand that tile produces a chalky deposit that becomes worse if scrapped too hard. Pressure washing can erode it or penetrate through to cause flooding.

Tile Refurbishment

Washing tiles or proper installation is not enough to keep them running for a long time. Consider protecting and rejuvenating your tiles by taking extra steps.

The chalky deposit tiles produce called efflorescence, which can dull the sheen of the surface after some time. This may not affect their structural integrity by it lessens their attractiveness.

Buff tiles using a clean rug should be good. While doing that, ensure you make strong plywood walkways on the roof to avoid stepping directly on them.

Priming is another excellent roof maintenance idea for your tiles. Soft wash your tiles to keep the roof clean, and then coat it with a clear alkyd primer. The extra protective sheen protects your roof from harmful chemicals and the sun’s rays, keeping it safer and cooler.

Another great way to refurbish your tiles is by painting them. Even though tiles are exceptionally resistant to intense weather conditions and are extremely durable, they start to fade after several years. Use heavy-duty acrylic paint with polymers that offer a durable, waterproof coating.

A visual inspection can reveal some areas that require sealing. Apply clear acrylic sealant to such areas, and your roof will be restored. This is a crucial part of regular maintenance that most homeowners in San Antonio don’t know about yet.

Damaged Tiles Should Be Replaced Immediately

Falling tree branches and other debris can damage some of the tiles on your house. Their delicate edges are often the first to break off, leaving the rest of the tiles less functional.

Check for chipped, cracked, or broken tiles and replace them immediately. One new tile can be all you need to save yourself from costly repairs.

Broken tiles can affect your home’s curb appeal and its ability to withstand natural elements. You will not get the expected lifespan from the roof if you leave the damaged sections intact.

You can easily avoid unnecessary damage to the whole roof by replacing the tile yourself. Slide a flat bar under two tiles above the broken one and another under the left to the damage. Pry the bars upward gently and slide out the damaged tile before putting in a new one.

Take Great Care When Walking On Tiles

Regular cleaning is important to keep your tiles in great condition. However, doing so also puts the tiles are risk of breakage. Hence you need to be extremely careful.

We recommend using plywood walkways with form bars. Also, avoid stepping on the delicate edges as they are much easier to break.

It’s easy to break the brittle tiles. If water leaks through to the underlayment, you may be forced to replace the whole roof. So, take proper care when walking on them and use a soft clean rag to remove mild dirt.

Consider Roof Flashing

 Roof flashing is the use of a thin material like galvanized steel to keep overflowing water from penetrating the critical areas of your roof. These are the same areas that might encourage insect damage on your roof.

Flashing is done on areas like vents, skylights, and chimneys to help with proper water flow. Getting it right is crucial because drainage is one of the most important aspects of an effective tile roof.

Don’t forget to check the gutters while taking care of your roof. This is part of roof maintenance that extends to other parts of the house. Water may leak through these parts and damage the beautiful walls of your house.


Even if your tile is properly installed, regular maintenance is necessary. This will enable you to identify cracks much faster and repair damaged sections to avoid major issues.

Call your local pros at Bison Roofing for roof inspection and maintenance. We will help you keep yours in the best conditions for maximum durability.